Move over Zumba! New dance craze preps even left-footed dancers for Strictly

Preparing for Strictly Come Dancing.

Preparing for Strictly Come Dancing.

When I told my husband I’d be going to a solo salsa class, he panicked that this time, I really had fallen off the planet. He’s knows I want us to try a couples class, but mental replays of our somewhat cringeworthy wedding dance quickly extinguish that whim.

He’s my excuse for being such a bad dancer and so I was a little petrified of how hastily I’d agreed to join my friend at Solo Salsa (Sosa) because going solo would inevitably mean I didn’t have my inept partner to blame for my lack of dancing prowess. Although there is a little shake in these hips that I save for when the Macarena comes on, I otherwise epitomise what us Brits are known for – awkward dancing.

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