Love cycling but want to try something new? Check out the latest biking revolution. *Spoiler you’ll need your cossie!

Just keep swimming / cycling / pool biking

Just keep swimming / cycling / pool biking

Ever since I saw a post on twitter about a new start up in London offering pool biking, I’d been dreaming of the day I’d finally get in the saddle… in the pool… in the saddle… Nevermind.

I was living in Dubai at the time though which meant that dream would only come true once I moved back to England. I hardly felt in a position to complain given I had direct access to the beach just a 20 minute walk away and my new-found love of synchronised swimming was flourishing at a class I attended every Saturday evening.

Pool biking is a quirkier version of spinning; without the hill climbs and finally, after more than six months of being at home, I booked to go to the session with my friend Suzi.  Continue reading