Hate the monotony of the gym?

SportSeeking is all about finding fun ways to keep fit with energising activities in the great indoors and outdoors, without hitting the gym!

From an early age I knew I had a great talent for watching sport. On my childhood sofa, I ripened my skills for spectating by flicking channels from Wimbledon to the Tour de France and back again. I rarely exercised from my teens to my mid-20s because I just never found a sport that hooked me.

Since the London Olympics, I’ve been trying new activities in the hope of finding what I’ve dubbed as my SoulSport – you know, that elusive one that makes you happy!

I’ve tried indoor skydiving, artistic yoga and body boarding to name but a few and to complete incredulity, I have actually found my SoulSport – it’s synchronised swimming – although finding a class near me in the UK is proving difficult!

On my SportSeeking journey I have said yes to many sports and exercise classes I didn’t want to try (ahem, beach volleyball). But I have been consistently surprised at how much fun I’ve had giving them a go anyway. I now live with a fuller sense of what it means to stay fit and strong. The bonus? I’ve not once hit the gym!

Looking for your SoulSport? Join me on the SportSeeking trail and introduce more fun and variety to your fitness week – just sign up to receive emails when I post or follow me on BlogLovin’. 

Let me know how you’re exploring that big, beautiful world by leaving me a message here on the blog or over on Twitter @Meli770 


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