Daunted by Tough Mudder? Muck-about with your mates instead


I’d wanted to try out a mud race for a while. I tried to tempt my friends into joining me for the Maldon Mud Race, which, simply put, is a few hundred metres dash across a muddy riverbed in Essex. The sign up rates among my friends were low. My cousin and niece, who had initially agreed to join me, backed out after about two weeks. I was gutted as I went back to the drawing board.

Soon after I spotted an advert for Mudderella – a mud race for women, by women. It looked fun and less daunting than Tough Mudder. It sounded great so I signed up. The bonus was – men were allowed to join the teams too, so my husband, who has become my trusty side kick when no one else will, could be my team mate. Bonus!

The girl to our right was pretty excited about the overload of neon face paints available

The girl to our right was pretty excited about the overload of neon face paints available

The great thing about an organised event like this is that the warm up really gets you into the vibe, though I could be confusing that with the free neon face paints scattered around the place!

The race is a series of muddy challenges such as climbing over hay bales, crawling through tunnels, under wire and stepping over suspended tyres reminiscent of a playground from my youth.

I almost chickened out when I had to downward dog over a muddy trench. Try to get up and you will fall in. Need a rest? Tough.

Mud Glorious Mud!

Mud Glorious Mud!

After some gentle, and some not so gentle encouragement from my husband, I got on with it and finished the job. I was beaming that I’d completed what felt like the hardest challenge so far. I thought carrying him wheelbarrow up a hill was the hardest challenge until that point.

Next up was wallowing through pools of mud. Surprisingly I found myself loving this obstacle the most. I let out a big belly laugh every time I slid into the next pool of mud. Thankfully I didn’t submerge under the mud like some unlucky souls.

The final challenge was to climb up a platform to shoot down a near vertical slide into a pool of cold, muddy water. I must’ve been high on adrenaline because I didn’t even think about it until I splashed into the icy water below.

After showering down I pulled on my obligatory and well-earned Mudderella t-shirt and headband before heading off on holiday to Cornwall.

Would I do a mud race again? Yes. I’d really try to get a girl group together next time though as I’m sure it’d be more fun (no offence Luke) and it’d free the other half from trailing around with me on all of my sportseeking adventures. Who knows, I may even chance a Tough Mudder next!


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