Is badminton the inspiration for Quidditch?

What can I say about badminton? It’s the first sport I’ve played since relocating to the UK and I think I may be safe to say that my first attempt wasn’t as bad as expected.

Preparing to dominate the badminton court

Preparing to dominate the badminton court

After the series of rules about where to stand, where to serve from and how the game is scored, I was nothing short of confused. Nevertheless, I gave it a go and thanks to my friends’ kindness and patience, I surpassed my own expectations; so here’s a shout out to them for being such good sports and putting up with my not-so-brilliant racquet skills!

I’ve played squash and tennis and at both I’ve struggled to hit the ball. I often blame my ambidextrousness and the speed of the ball; but in badminton, I found the pace a lot more amiable and attainable. I successfully returned more shuttlecocks than I imagined possible and may have uncovered a cheeky little knack for flicking the shuttlecock to land just over the net; helping to successfully rack up points for my team. Ace!

In action - mysteriously no shuttlecock caught on camera

In action – mysteriously no shuttlecock caught on camera

Professional badminton is scary with shuttles flying so fast that it appears the two or four goofs haven’t yet twigged they’ve been duped into a game of quidditch without the use of any kind of witchcraft to help them catch the golden snitch. (Did you know there is in fact an International Quidditch Association… you just cannot make it up! Anyone ready to fund my flight to catch a game in the US, please let me know… I hear the airlines are taking payments in galleons, sickles and knuts!)

Sportseeker - ready for sponsorship to go to the Quidditch championships

Sportseeker – ready for sponsorship to go to the Quidditch championships

Happily our badminton session was closer to how characters from Downton Abbey would play sport – meaning civilised. Of course there were dicey moments where the shuttlecock grazed one friend’s ear, another’s hair and forced me to adopt the pose many footballers perform during a penalty shootout, however the thing is so featherweight it surely couldn’t hurt much. So, the big question – will I play badminton again? The answer to that is yes: I’m not expecting to work miracles on my racquet skills but it’ll be a great way to stay active while catching up with friends.


2 thoughts on “Is badminton the inspiration for Quidditch?

  1. When I discovered muggle quidditch I could not believe it was real. Unfortunately, not a big thing in my country and there’s only one team that plays by themselves. LOL!

    • I know! I was amazed when I found it! You know thought, I’m super tempted to try it; though I suspect it’s tougher than it sounds, even without magic!

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