Think you’re tough? You’ll still need steel toecaps for this exercise class

Sweating in a room with stacked men and ripped women wasn’t quite my idea of fun or relaxation on a Sunday evening. It was even less my friend’s ideal night out either. Once again however I’d convinced (or rather, bullied) some poor soul into joining me to test out another sport I’d not yet tried: kettlebells.

Contrary to popular belief, kettlebells are not the bell one rings to order Jeeves to make a cuppa – in my opinion, they are one of the most potentially dangerous items any home or gym could ever own.

Thinking about tomorrow's beans on toast

Thinking about tomorrow’s beans on toast

This thought occurred to me 15 minutes into the session. I had removed my trainers in an effort to fit in with the rest of the class, only to find my sweaty palms threatening the future intactness of my toes. It was horrifying to think I could drop a cast iron weight resembling a cannonball onto my unprotected feet, or worse still, for some other sweaty Betty to crumple my ambitions of walking tomorrow. Since that was out of my control, I decided to take action of what I could control, or at least try to control – a 5kg kettlebell or two – by not letting it slip from my grasp.

It was a reasonably intense workout testing my strength and endurance by shifting the kettlebell in a series of motions around my body and lifting it as a weight. Somehow my friend had been lumbered with a stocky 12kg weight and eyed me suspiciously as she tried to lug it. Thankfully the instructor noticed and swapped it for a more attainable 7.5kg. All this talk of using weights more than 3kg is pretty impressive, at least for me it is since my weights at home are tins of baked beans – I kid you not – they come in super handy for a dinner with egg and chips.

Given my friend’s reluctant enthusiasm for kettlebells and her strict glances which made me scared to broach the subject of her joining me again for more sportseeking, I put any notions of slipping out mid-session from my mind. And I was sitting so close to the door as well…

So I gave it what I could but before I put my name down for more punishment, I may buy one of the smaller weights to practice with at home, or if perchance I’m struck by some kind of psychosis to join another group class, I’ll be sure to invest in some steel toe caps first.


One thought on “Think you’re tough? You’ll still need steel toecaps for this exercise class

  1. Loveeee using kettlebells!

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