Synchronised Swimming – Skills Test

‘Good things come to those who wait’ so the saying goes. In this case it’s more: ‘good things come to those who stick a peg on their nose while practicing their swimming,’ but regardless of the term, I have good news to share.

It has been almost six months since I dived into the world of synchronised swimming and thanks to recent form, I’m proud to report I’m perhaps not quite as inept at sport as first thought. Just two days ago I passed my level 1 and level 2 skills tests! Hooray!

Celebrating passing level 1 & 2 with Santa's helpers at Synquatics and donned in a super sexy swim hat!

Celebrating passing level 1 & 2 with Santa’s helpers at Synquatics and donned in a super sexy swim hat!

The skills test requires swimmers to demonstrate a series of synchro positions to the examiner. This ranges from diving into the pool (belly flop counts as a fail, just to clarify), to holding the vertical position (where you’re in a vertical line upside down… trust me, getting the balance right for this one is painfully harder than it sounds).

Other moves I had to show my abilities in sound like something from the menu of a pompous restaurant: stationary and moving eggbeater, ballet leg, vertical split, pike, back and front layout and perhaps something more familiar; a backwards summersault. ‘Excuse me Sir, can I please order the moving eggbeater with a side of pike, rounded off with a ballet leg for dessert?’

Jokes aside, I can now update my CV but I’m not sure work will be too confident in how ‘level 2 synchronised swimming’ will aid me in becoming better at my job! Regardless of whether it’ll improve my office skills though, I’m convinced it’s a great conversation starter; one of those awkward ones where someone throws a bone to see if someone, anyone, will bite…

On reflection perhaps I’m being a little harsh on my latest achievement; these last few months haven’t done much for my sporting credibility after all. A win is a win and in this instance, synchro is a sport I love getting absorbed in and it’s making me happy, so good things really must come to those who wait…or more accurately, those who get up off the sofa and go sport-seeking!


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