Synchronised Swimming – News

I thought now would be the best time to announce the exciting news that at the ripe age of 27, I will be participating in my first ever sychronised swimming show! It’s true – in a little under a month I will be donning a swimsuit and coordinating in unison with my team for our first ever show!

It was back in June that I decided to trial synchronised swimming and ever since I’ve been dipping my toe into the world of this wondrous sport, (you’ll have to excuse my gushing, I’ve just returned from a session and still have water in my ears!).

The last few months have seen me mastering or more accurately trying to master, moves aptly named flamingo, ballet leg and crane, in the hope of compiling them into a neat routine set to music. The moves include leg work and arm work as well as underwater movements.

While I may be just about in time with the beats, I can see our instructor’s despair at the lack of full team coordination above the water’s surface. In an effort to ensure a lack of embarrassment to ourselves and our lovely teacher, we’ve decided it’s time to put in a few extra hours outside of the weekly lesson to practice…so watch this space.

As a kid I loved swimming but hated training by the time I reached my teenage years. I also used to trampoline; sadly this wasn’t my forte, but I can see the natural blend of these two in synchronised swimming, so perhaps that’s why this sport makes me so happy.

Before I tried synchro in my quest to find my hidden sporting talent, I openly admitted that I deemed it girly; a bit fairy if I’m blunt. However in recent months I’ve discovered heaps of new-found respect for synchronised swimmers because I now realise how much of a physically demanding exercise it is. To make it look so seamless like it does in the Olympics demands a ton of commitment and physical input and although I’ll likely never reach that standard, with the show in just a few weeks, please do wish me luck and pass on any tips for sorting watery ears!


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