Wii Fitness Test

Today I discovered my real fitness age and it’s quite a shocker!

It’s been a tough slog to get back to exercising after a week or two of indulgence on holiday and with the temperatures peaking 48C outside for the last month in the UAE, but today was the day of easing back into it… finally.

20130811-081808-PM.jpgUpon announcing my plan when I got home, my husband suggested a game of tennis on the Wii after I’d finished a short Pilates DVD. All seemed innocent enough and I even won against him in a ‘best of three’ match…yet things turned when the Wii fitness test came on screen and I, somewhat foolishly, decided to follow my husband’s lead to uncover my real fitness age.

After returning some metaphorical tennis balls, knocking down air skittles and swinging the controller in the comfort of my living room, I’m less than impressed to report that my fitness age, according to Wii, is 49! Really?! 20130811-081244-PM.jpgThis could only ever be a triumph if I was in my 50s… but I’m not… I’m 27! (Incidentally my husband’s score was 34 years old; he’s also really 27.)

It’s good fortune that this TV fitness test hasn’t got me too riled up though; I know these assessments are based on how adept you are at using the controller and since I recognise my complete ineptitude at using the darn thing, all’s well. Although I’m taking my depressing result with a pinch of salt, I mustn’t forget that according to the Wii, despite being 49 year old, my husband is 15 years younger than me!


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