Laser tag is a leg-en-dary way to workout… Even Barney Stinson thinks so.

On a whim I decided it was high time to test laser tag. After a conversation with some friends, I realised that I may have been the only person not to have played it as a kid. Laser tag is not considered a sport (and I have high standards of what is called a sport: darts? Seriously?), but I would like to argue in favour of introducing this explosive activity to sport’s exclusive ranks.

Allow me to explain:

You have 15 minutes. Split into teams of 3. Don this vest jacket and here’s your laser gun. Remember – you must protect your base!

photo (1)

Suited Up! (Making Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother proud!)

After being thrown into a world of darkness, accentuated only by fluorescent lights, music and these relatively weak instructions, I stealthily crouched behind walls and stalked closer to the opponents’ base. I peeked out only with my head to check for the enemy’s jackets flashing somewhere in range in the hope of rendering their laser useless for 10 seconds. This would buy enough time to hit their base; securing me a hearty 1000 points. I thought it a flawless plan until my own laser was disabled by someone unknown and so I was forced to hide until my laser reactivated.

It was time for a change in tactics: I positioned myself to hunt down the adversary team members with the hope of tagging their vest jackets instead. This proved more successful, even though it meant I’d need to work harder to earn the same amount of points.

Running around with five other people in a parallel world, for just quarter of an hour left me with sore legs, a sure film of sweat and without doubt, worked off that morning’s breakfast. I was forced to use body and brain but unfortunately not enough common sense on my part as I ended with the least amount of points; I’ll blame that on my lack of experience!

Laser tag, in short, is so far removed from the strawberries and cream of the cherished and traditional tennis at Wimbledon, but it really is just as thrilling. It may not be the best argument ever, but certainly worth considering because laser tag, although outwardly geeky, is the perfectly wacky relative on the edge of the sporting family; ready to be welcomed in to the arms of any fitness lovers everywhere.


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