How to exercise in scorching summer heat

I know I’ve jibed at those who take their dogs for a walk in the stair wells of my building, but with the temperature here in Dubai reaching the point where I sweat just walking to my car less than two minutes away, I’m now begrudgingly yet actively seeking indoor activities for the summer. I’ll spare my cat the ludicrous idea of being walked up and down the stairs in favour something new I discovered called ‘Indoor Walking’.

Apparently giving up isn't an option...

Apparently giving up isn’t an option…

While I imagined this as an activity for those in their early 60s, finding something to do with their retirement, in reality the class it couldn’t have been more of a contrast. For a start I burned 470 calories.

After a short intro from the instructor, I climbed onto the elliptical trainer, the fast-paced music started up and for the next 40 minutes I was stuck at the front of the class, opposite my own reflection. I’m a firm believer that ignorance is bliss in the world of exercising, because there isn’t much worse than watching yourself in a mirror as you morph into a stinking mess with a face as red as a beetroot. Attractive!

The motion of indoor walking is meant to be identical, as I found out at the end of the class, to actual walking: using your heel to propel you forwards. This alone quickly explained why my toes felt numb just 15 minutes in, to the point that I questioned whether I’d still have the use of all 10 digits after the session.

It was a bumpy start but I thought I found my groove a bit more as time went on. The highlight came when the pop cheese song of ‘Hey Mickey’ came on and I glanced over to my trusty side-kick for testing new sports, my poor husband, to note his unenthusiastic regard that he was having to work out to such tripe.

He got his revenge as we walked home by telling me how the instructor kept hinting in my direction to work out in time to the music; something he took great delight in recounting because it had completely escaped my attention, rendering me an embarrassment. With numb feet and not a rhythmic bone to my name, it may be a while before I return to the indoor walking arena again.


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