To Zumba or Not to Zumba?

Tonight’s plan to brave my first ever Zumba session was thwarted just an hour before my debut. I say brave, because Zumba really is one of the scariest up on my list of things to try, made even more ambitious given an entire lack of natural snake hips a la Timberlake. Aware that I’ve been putting said fad off out of fear, it was time to courageously step into some suitable kit to reflect the regime’s mantra: ditch the workout, join the party. It couldn’t have been more terrifying!54321-wkout-pic-2

Following a high recommendation from a work friend who practices Zumba twice a week and who has real zest for life (as yet unsure if the two are related), I booked myself in and actually started looking forward to it. But it wasn’t to be as the class became overbooked and priority given to those who’d been before.

Given my predicament of being pumped for exercise but without a class to attend, I rolled out the yoga mat and trialled the 54321 workout. It’s intelligently broken down a 15 minute workout into manageable chunks or 5 minutes, 4 minutes 3 minutes and so on. The only issue after deciding which tracks to put on, was deciphering the possible meanings ‘mountain climbers’ and ‘jump squats’ could have: serving only to highlight my complete ignorance of workout moves and wondering if the jumps were supposed to come pre- or post- squat? I’m still none the wiser.

With my 15 minute session over and my husband back from work, a dip in the pool upstairs was in order. As he’s now my guinea pig for testing all things synchronised swimming (which I’ve recently fallen in love with), with success I tonight managed to stand up on his shoulders in the water. It’s harder than it sounds but hopefully will aid me to look a tad less clumsy in my next aqua ballet session. While Zumba waits in the side-wings for another day, what’s great about practicing at home, are my husband’s words of encouragement without a scooby of whether the moves I’m performing are right or not, helping to boost my confidence; something I fear would entirely take a battering at Zumba – so watch this space!


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