Cycle fever

20130604-074717 PM.jpg

There’s no denying it… the weather is hotting up in Dubai now and I can barely manage a walk to and from the metro without arriving at my destination looking like I’ve been for a swim. It’s therefore with a twinge of sadness that I’ll soon be seeking out indoor exercise activities.

However before I start breathing recycled air to keep fit, rather than pitching my luck for a punishing regimen in the sweltering sand pit outside, I trundled off to test out a relatively new concept in the marina area, reminiscent of London’s Boris Bikes.

Having a father whose primary love is cycling and is quite adept at it well into his 70s, I’d often hoped his talent hadn’t fallen too far from the tree. Alas I am, in fact, attuned to quite the reverse and make a habit of spectacularly falling off my bike on family routes around the Forest of Dean…I kid you not, family routes! It’s always with some trepidation that I climb onto a bike, faltering like a child in the beginning before finding my balance and whizzing off.

And it was so, as I hired a bike on a credit card at Dubai Marina. Cruising past the luxurious boats by bike, I’ll be blunt, made me feel cool, in more than one sense of the word. However while it really is a far more pleasant way to travel around the area, it comes with a caveat. With a lack of cycle path and navigating successfully around pedestrians not being my forte, my only chance of avoiding collisions is pedalling at stupid-o-clock in the morning. Since I’m no sadist, I’ll be leaving the bicycle tucked up in its stand until a quiet weekend when everyone is out of town…and not only will I avoid death by pedestrian, but that no one will see me fall off either. Win-Win!


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