Feline Fitness

After acquiring a stray and nursing it back to health, I’ve been contemplating how cats can offer potential health benefits. Aside from helping to keep me calm and providing hours of entertainment, she’s certainly helping to pep me up on the exercise side.


Kitty shows off her new fetching skills

While my husband has been teaching her to fetch the ball they play with during miniature football tournaments, I’ve taken up the role of mouse in the ever popular ‘cat and mouse’ game.  This involves rushing up and down the apartment with a toy mouse attached to a string that kitty chases and subsequently skids on the floor while trying to catch. Very adorable and it’s far more fun wearing specialised footwear (socks) to join in the sliding fun.

It has to be said though, for all I was willing it, a cat really doesn’t bring as much exercise as one human needs. It was with some reluctance that I left my feline companion at home yesterday, after being spurred on by a friend to join a Hatha yoga class.

It was a little hot and my balance is way off what it should be for this activity, but the session went well. It’s not often I laugh in yoga classes as I try desperately to hold my poses. This class was different though. As the instructor asked us to focus on accentuating the arch of our backs into the infamous cat stretch to the point of, and I quote, ‘very scared cat’ pose, I couldn’t contain my amusement. I imagine kitty could give me a master class in ‘very scared cat’ pose and likewise, a master class in passing time doing nothing, so perhaps it’s wise to stick to the yoga and other traditional ways to keep fit this summer.


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