Scaling the steps to water park fun

After a recent trip to a water park, I’m wondering why no one has noticed the health benefits of such a fun activity. This particular park had me scaling 140 steps per ride (yes, the geek in me counted the steps)…140!!

Considering I live in a city of skyscrapers where taking the lift, or elevator, as they like to call it in Dubai, is commonplace, naturally I found the colossal flights to reach a bit of a stretch for my poor ticker. It was jumping up in my chest and despite being in my 20s and of reasonably sound health, it’s been a while since I’ve walked up that many stairs and had to take a little breather half way to the top.

I’m no health freak and likewise no couch potato, but 140 steps per ride is a tad extreme I feel. It was during one of my missions to the top to once more join the ecstatic realms of the water-drenched helter-skelters, that I started questioning whether the rides were worth the walk up so many flights and whether I could legitimately tell people the reason I go to water parks so often, is purely to get fit. In both cases I quickly and categorically decided that the answer was yes.

Although going to the water park could surely fly as the next fitness craze, wouldn’t the freedom and fun be ruined? And who among us really wants our penchant for childlike fun to be quashed? With fun at the fore, in future I’ll keep any water park exercise visits on the low, but no doubt I’ll blow my cover: I’ll be the one bent double and panting on the steps half way up.


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