Glow-in-the-dark table tennis

As a fan of finding new ways to be sustainable, I opted for my husband and I to join this year’s Earth Hour celebrations by attending a glow-in-the-dark table tennis tournament.

P1110949The registration to play had already closed, but the event was still open for spectators. So before the tournament began, we decided a short duel wouldn’t harm anyone but no sooner had we started, a hoard of people arrived and we unwittingly became the models of how to play table tennis under a UV light. Remarkably it’s the same as normal table tennis.

Quickly we darted from the limelight to watch the advanced players bat it out. However just four people wanted to play and it seemed sad that the tournament would be over in a flash. With this, my husband decided to give it a try; naming me as his opponent. P1110922This amused the security guard who harked “Then I’m sure you’ll win Sir!”

This landed a somewhat crushing blow to my table tennis tournament virginity and despite my early lead against my sparring partner, I caved under the pressure of the mental kick I’d so recently received.

My husband, despite losing his other two matches, finished third in the tournament. An impressive feat no less, or so I thought, until he reminded me with a harsh tone that he only had to beat me to clinch bronze. Ouch!

With ego bruised and my skills worthy of nothing more than the wooden spoon, I am announcing my retirement table tennis tournaments…and that includes all glow-in-the-dark contests.


2 thoughts on “Glow-in-the-dark table tennis

  1. glow-in-the-dark table tennis tournament, this is trully amazing..I am pinning this to my pinterest!

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