Strong not skinny

Dubai certainly hasn’t failed to impress with yet another intriguing fad exercise. While out for an evening stroll, a woman sporting what I can only describe as “bouncy shoes” was doing star jumps. These shoes aren’t new but would’ve been prime fodder for BBC’s Tomorrow’s World back in the 90s, who would’ve tipped that we’d all be walking on them by now.

Apparently they’re good for reducing impact on knees and despite how much this appeals given the poor state of my joints, I’m unsure how game I am for looking like a moon-walker while exercising. For those who love running outdoors and are up for standing out from the crowd, they’re a great alternative to spice up your running routine with a bit of fun.

According to a survey by YouGov and the World Heart Foundation, more than half of British females have not been inspired by the London Olympics to take up a competitive sport or intensive activity, such as running or cycling.

Does this mean then our female sporting role models were not inspiring enough or perhaps coverage of their endeavours has failed to be sustained since the Games? Whatever the reason, I severely hope sporting role models are helping to shun the glamour model physique because if we are still trying to attain Barbie-like proportions, it’s likely we’d be unable to stand up…honestly!

With a new wave of exercise regimens promoting being strong not skinny, we can at least be part of creating a healthy future for ourselves, and what makes me smile about that news is that the bouncy shoes are optional.


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