Wackier Races

Almost daily I wonder if Dubai really is the international hub for the weird and wonderful and here’s why:

After returning home from work a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a man coming down the stairs in my apartment block with his rather large dog. He seemed the athletic type so I anticipated he’d be taking the dog out for a walk and had merely decided to start his exercise regimen in the stairwell. How wrong I was.

Despite the rather balmy temperatures outside, he waltzed across the reception to the adjacent staircase and back up again. I’d like to stake that he lived on a high floor meaning that both he and the dog got rather a good workout, but the pessimist in me thinks he’s probably a first floor dweller with little time to take his dog outside, even for a five minute canter around the block.

That’s just one example but there are plenty more surprises that find their way into my life almost weekly.

This week’s oddity comes in the form of a bicycle…or perhaps it was a cross trainer which was being ridden rather enthusiastically by a man along the beach road. To be honest I don’t know what this contraption is. It had handle bars, no saddle and pedals that were synonymous with a cross trainer.

Through a quick internet search, I have discovered it is called an Elliptical Bicycle. I can’t quite figure how the whole balance thing would work given I can barely stay on a stationary cross trainer, but despite how crazy it looks, I’m desperate to test it out. Here it is in action through this video which certainly makes for an amusing alternative of wacky races.


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