Superhuman Sunday

It has been said the velodrome is the loudest of the Olympic venues and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it closed in, but the crowds go bananas as the tension builds when the cyclists whizz round. I was in the crowd, I was one of them going bananas and I was one of them who was so proud to be there yesterday.

20120903-115549 PM.jpg

My day in the Paralympic park started with watching the swimming heats, followed by elevenses at the blind football. I was pretty astounded by it. It’s a 5-a-side game of 25 minutes in each half. The ball makes a noise, the players wear blindfolds and the hardest part…the crowd must stay silent. Needless to say, that didn’t happen when new people came in who hadn’t seen it before but it’s a curious sport and one I have big respect for.

I lunched outside the velodrome before taking my seat ready to join the ranks of supporters flying the flag for, you guessed it, Team GB! I pitched the flag over the rail and before I knew it my husband had been spotted by the commentator to start a series of waves in the arena, namely the Mexican, Guatemalan and the Madison. This was followed by a side of delicious victory ceremonies.

20120904-120326 AM.jpg

For tea, the wheelchair tennis had the pleasure of our company, before we headed to goal ball. This was another curious and silent sport. Three blindfolded players on each team take turns to roll the ball in a bid to score. GB was playing against Finland, who had a brilliant goal scorer!

I trundled off home after some dinner at Westfield and am now tucked up on the sofa cheering on the swimmers!!

Enjoy the rest of Manic Monday!


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