“Prepare to be inspired” and inspired we are! The Paralympics are now underway and attracting plenty of public interest. The opening ceremony was pretty amazing, with all wonder of acrobatics and ideas.

Yet the thing that struck me was how friendly all the volunteers are. Now that’s not to say I expect them to be miserable, far from it, but in a land where someone smiling at you is often questioned, it was refreshing to feel at ease replying good morning as you passed someone on the way to the Olympic park, especially the volunteers who always seem to be smiling.

Although I was lacking a union jack, that wasn’t enough to stop the joining the chants of GB, GB, GB, when the British team appeared near the refreshments just prior to entering the stadium.
Needless to say I now have a flag to parade for some of the events I have tickets to!

Being used to the London transport system, we left the stadium a few minutes early to avoid the crush, along with a few more thousand people with the same idea. However the queues didn’t come, and although packed into the tube, it wasn’t quite close enough to call it sardines. Pleasantly surprised, we got off a few stops later and walked to our hotel. The little place we stayed has renamed itself The Wheelchair Basketballer during the Paralympics and offered a pretty nice view in the morning light.

20120831-110041 AM.jpg

I’m looking forward to the next few days of action and to boot, more world and Olympic records being smashed and truly inspirational people’s stories unfold.


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