Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

What a way to finish the Olympics? What I mean is, I can erase the Spice Girls from memory because these last two weeks have been a haven. Thankfully despite withdrawal symptoms, I’ve not sunken into the blues just yet because I’ll be at the Olympic park in just a matter of days for the Paralympics.

Although the stadium is no birds’ nest, I am cooing over what it will actually be like to be sat in one of those prized seats. Through a stroke of luck I became one of the first people to visit the stadium in 2009, only to be greeted by a half-built construct with not a seat, slice of track or patch of grass to be seen.

I admit one of the things, if not the main thing I’m looking foward to, is seeing the Olympic park: finished! Yes it’s geeky, I know… but its been a good three years since I saw it being built.

The area is to be renamed the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the Games are over in what I believe is a real tribute to a woman in her 80s, who just when Britain was gaining some confidence, saw the lighter side of our humour and offered us all a moment to treasure forever. Go Liz!


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