New Olympic Dance Moves

After the outstanding display last night from the mighty Mo Farah in the 5000m, I am now claiming that I could watch the Olympics every week! I was hysterical, subjecting my husband to the chants ‘Go Mo, Go Mo!’ There’s a photo of Usain Bolt and Mo exchanging their signature moves, (hotly tipped as the latest dance moves sweeping the nation) which for me sums up the atmosphere and friendship of the Games.

I’m biased in my support for the London 2012 British athletes who’ve been nothing short of incredible, but I want to take a moment to recognise that beyond the athletics track, aside from the velodrome and away from the aquatic centre; a new confidence has grown.

Yes, we’re a strange bunch with a penchant for odd humour, wittering on about the weather and slathering Marmite on toast, but we’re finally flying the flag, smiling and uniting all because of the Games.

The spectacle is almost over and I’ll be square- and most likely dewy-eyed once again this evening watching the closing ceremony. I’m eager to get in the Olympic Stadium in two weeks’ time for the Paralympics and will be writing until the end of London 2012, about what unites us all through the power of sport: the Olympic Games.


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