Golden Post Boxes

I’ve heard there is a new golden post box in my home town… I love the cute idea of painting post boxes for the gold medallists, but my question is; why they are also not being painted silver and bronze too?

I won a bronze medal in my dream last night and I was gutted because they wouldn’t paint a post box for me! It seems Olympic fever has definitely tightened its grip on me… anyway I digress from the point of today’s post.

In the lead up to London 2012, the most admirable, inspirational and motivational person I’ve had the pleasure to meet is Anne Wafula Strike. Originally from Kenya, Anne was a healthy toddler until she contracted polio. The polio caused her to lose the use of her legs and in the following years she faced many challenges: not least the callipers she had to use to get around.

In a twist of fate she became the first wheelchair athlete from East Africa to compete at the Paralympics. Her decision to keep fit led her to this Olympic path when she discovered a love of wheelchair racing.

I met Anne in my first job as a reporter. It was great to follow her adventures from winning the local sports personality of the year award to attending a mini-Paralympics for children with disabilities. During the Beijing Olympics she wrote a weekly column for the paper, bringing her knowledgeable and insightful commentary on both the Paralympic and the Olympic Games.

Anne is a strong believer in empowering youngsters to take up sport, especially those with disabilities and this is where true passion shines through. Anyone who meets Anne can see the enthusiasm she has for life is always evident in the smile she wears. Her outlook made me to reassess what’s important and how to make the most of what life gives us.

 “Opportunity often comes disguised in the form of misfortune, or temporary defeat – Patience pays big time!” – Anne Wafula Strike

Anne’s autobiography In My Dreams I Dance is a terrific read and I promise you: it’s also utterly inspiring!


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