Super Sunday

I finally reached my Everest yesterday: the top of a 9m climbing wall! It’s an impressive feat for me considering my hands were clammy, my head spinning with the height and the words ‘I hate it, I want to get down’ freely flowing from my lips every other second; once again proving my utter unsuitability of being an athlete.

My true talent, lest I admit it, lies in sitting in my living room watching TV, yelling at others to run faster and jump higher. So far today my voice has lent support to Team GB’s Andy Murray, Louis Smith and Max Whitlock. Louis Smith and Max WhitlockI cannot imagine the amount of training these gymnasts put into their sport with displays like today’s by these guys – it was a truly impeccable show and of course, we’ve all lived and breathed Murray’s final in Wimbledon against Federer so this victory really is the icing on Team GB’s cake.

I found myself strangely drawn to watching a bit of the synchonised swimming too – they twist, they turn and get this… all of it without Goggles on! I tried a somersault in the pool a couple of days ago and pretty much gave myself whiplash, so real kudos goes to these athletes.

Super Sunday seems even more super than Saturday as I record synchro swimming, watch the tennis live and get the gymnastics up on the laptop. I’m now settling down for a long-night of 100m men’s final, 400m women’s final, triple jump, mixed doubles tennis final and starting with Ed Clancy in the cycling Omnium event! I hope you too are enjoying the Olmypics wherever you are this evening.


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