Super Saturday

Super Saturday is upon us and what a day it’s been so far: Team GB rowers hauled a few medals and Andy Murray and Laura Robson safely made it to the mixed doubles semi final – but this aside, there’ve been two hotly debated topics in my house this morning.

The first of which is South African Oscar Pistorius.He competed in the 400m heats to qualify for the semis today, but the blade runner has caused somewhat of a stir as a Paralympian making it into the Olmypics. Despite having no legs below the knee, sceptics aruge the blades he runs on give him an advantage. Regardless of which side of the debate fence you sit on, wouldn’t it be unfair to bar him from competing with the best in the world if he can compete with Olympic timings? Any of us who’ve watched him run, admire him and see his unrelenting ambition to be the best he can at his sport. Who are we to deny him that?

The second debate is about Brit Dwain Chambers, who today qualified to the semi finals alongside Usain Bolt in the 100m. Famously Chambers was given a lifetime Olympic ban for doping and even more famously had his ban lifted earlier this year by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. As a reformed athlete he could be a role model for anti-doping, but if a lifetime ban isn’t reason enough, the question is what impact will Chambers’ example have on future athletes’ decisions on whether to dope or not?

Today’s biggest buzz words, mostly spouting from my husband’s mouth, are: Jessica Ennis. The wonderfully talented heptathlete, who now smiles effortlessly on camera each time she gains further points advancing her lead. It’s great to watch every event she’s in and see how the support of the crowd is really spurring her on. Come on Jess!

Super Saturday continues with a number of medals and positions for the finals being contested and I’m sure there’ll be some action yet again in the velodrome tonight to look forward to!

Congrats to everyone who’s won in the last few days! Totally inspiring stuff!


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