Just Keep Swimming

I loved swimming as youngster and even had delusions of grandeur that one day I could be in the Olympics… despite a severe dislike of training.

In all honesty, I never had the stamina or the will to train, so alas my Olympic dreams were dashed before they barely were given chance to sprout. Today my routine of a few laps before floating on top for a good 10 minutes, harks back to the unwillingness my younger days, so I greatly admire swimmers for their prepatory gusto.

I wasn’t primed to be an athlete, least not of a sport I’d ever tried, but this really hit home when Rebecca Adlington won two golds in the Beijing Olympics at just 19. Barely out of teenage years myself and people younger than me were winning medals!

Adlington was signing autographs at a Speedo shop when I met her. It was admirable to see how, returning as hero from Beijing, she took the time to meet and greet the home crowds that had so painstakingly been glued to the TV watching her story unfold. If it were me, the only thing I’d want to do from returning with gold lining my neck, would be a well-deserved rest and eating some hearty pub food.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that it’s not me, and for good reason:  I’d be an awful Olympic hero and I’m more than happy to step aside, leaving it to the Adlington’s of this world to chase Olympic victories.

Congratulations to Becky on her latest medal for her Olympic collection!


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