An Olympic Journey

Today is the day all eyes turn to the London 2012 Olympic Games and its also the start of my Olympic blog. To be honest it’s long overdue, with me talking incessantly about ‘one day’ writing a blog on the Olympics, how it has come into my life and inspired me to be who I am today.

Please don’t assume that I’ve been managed to haul myself into a gym and train like an athlete, far from it, but many of the people I’ve met on this Olympic journey have been inspirational people, whether athletes or not.

I suspect the Olympics is the only event where so many people around the world not only club together to celebrate sporting prowess, but revel in its feeling of unity. For that I admire sport and in particular the Olympics. It’s a rare thing that so many of us can feel connected through and so I write this blog with positivity in mind.

When it was announced in 2005 that London had won the 2012 bid, I was ecstatic and anticipated the moment I could be at the home Games. Life has slightly scuppered my dream of seeing the build up to the Games as I’m now living abroad, but I have tickets to the Paralympics, which I could burst with excitement about!

So here it is, the start of my blog that will recount chance meetings with admirable people, offer thoughts on the highlights of the Games and walk you through my very own Olympic journey.

Enjoy the opening ceremony tonight – I’ve heard from those who got a sneak peak, it’s amazing!

Must dash… London calling!


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